Discounts are available for multiple sweeps at the same property.

Community Sweeping: For four or more sweeps on the same day, within the same community, a special price can be arranged. Please call for details.

A lined chimney

  • For open fires and lined stoves

CCTV inspection from

  • This service can be carried out when a visual check is needed to determine the integrity of the flue or to help diagnose any problems.

Non lined chimney

  • For wood burning stoves that are in a non lined chimney flue.

Servicing Stoves

please call
  • This includes replacing fire bricks, door rope, glass and other general maintenance.


  • An Inglenook as a very large open fireplace that you can stand up in. These much older and larger chimney flues take longer than your standard sweep and are priced accordingly.

Birds nests/blockages

  • This price includes the removal of the blockage and a sweep of the flue.

Bird guards/cowl supplied and fitted

  • A variety of bird guards and cowls can be supplied and fitted to the chimney pot.